Battle Cry for a Declaration

by The Beat Seekers

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released May 9, 2017



all rights reserved


The Beat Seekers Omaha, Nebraska

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Track Name: Faces of the New Denial
Your life's a mess but you're coming clean, so dirty lately baby, this broken dream...Outta touch attitude, a little much against you....Must be a joke we're falling for, forgot to laugh when I heard the punch line, I just wanted more...Outta touch, outta mind, you see it on the prime time, say a prayer for the lives' too young to tell, born in Hell....Faces of the new denial....quite unconvincing stories, this maladjusted glory, Maybe we're not, maybe we're not well.....
Track Name: Voices of Desperation
Chaos in the streets, murder under sheets, dirty cops on television, they took your will and taught you how to kill, dancing days of our division...the promise is a wasted time, the forces align, for your entertainment that light will shine...No one listens to the voices of desperation, shoot 'em through the heart, shoot 'em through the heart every time, down the red line you're destined to follow....My God tell me why we try so hard just to het our little piece of nothing, the jig is up, the people had enough and maybe someone should have seen this coming, a bit of love is all we need to kill this disease, we're sinking together in rising seas'.....No one listens to the voices of desperation, shoot 'em through the heart, shoot 'em through the heart every time, down the thin red line. Minds are melting in a nuclear generation, we've thrown it all away, we're destined to follow....Buckle up baby 'cause it's a wild fucking ride, madness, fascists, racists, liars, cultural genocide. We feel it all, do you feel at all? I feel it all! Order in the court, order on the streets, order in a cell! Somebody put out the fire!
Track Name: World Go 'Round and Breakdown
We don't talk so much, it seems we're growing out of touch, waste of useless memory, buried in by technology. We don't feel so much, the medication is the crutch, chained to our hypocrisy, making our own worst enemy...We watch the world go 'round n' breakdown, baby watch the world go 'round n' breakdown....Lines in the dust, feels like there's nothing I can trust, I say FUCK THE WORLD, my degeneration, FUCK THE WORLD, my degeneration, FUCK THE WORLD, no reconciliation, up to the minute and we're in it alone!
Track Name: A.A.A.
I'm just your average asshole American, tuned in, a loser without a plan. Sex and suicide, drugs and little white lies, bless this mess, duck and cover your eyes. Somewhere in hallelujah there's a little Hell to move ya and you bet your holy ass that no one's safe today...Scratched and clawed for a little piece of God, pray my whole damned life away....Freak out! There's death all around me, hands on a gun, my sight's on the TV screen. Sex and suicide, killers' on a murdering spree, bless this mess, I just wanna be free to be. Ignorance, a blissful coma in the heart of Oklahoma, red states' of disillusion desperate to believe...Scratched and clawed for a little peace of God, and you can burn in Hell for eternity. Our man's a fraud but it makes no difference to me. He'll make us great again, a wall for broken men, while we're waiting for the end of the world! I want it so-so badly, Let me be a casualty, the enemy of society, Beat it outta me!
Track Name: The Pursuit of Compliance and Misery
Punch 'em out before you beat 'em in, you go through people like it's heroin, you do no favors and you never bother now, but no one needs you anyhow....Pop culture is a fantasy, and peace of mind is just a memory, the pursuit of compliance and misery....Way down below, it's Hell I know, but they're selling Heaven through the airwaves....No life Low life, it's a dying breed, but you aint got time for anything, you'd better go arm yourself and take a bow before the king...fulfilling your landfill destiny.
Track Name: Wasting Wasted Time
We've got no rhyme or reason, we feel it every day, sunshine won't change the season, we just waste our lives' away....Wasting wasted time, coming up with nothing, leave your woes behind and give me something. Wasting wasted time, 'cause we're never better off, never better than before....The key to success, the trick of happiness, the word's a hot mess and I guess I'm nothing less.
Track Name: Minds and Hearts
Behind the iron walls of secrecy and lies, there lies a history of mystery disguised, it's like we're falling into vivid vertigo, the palpitation of the nation that I know...We shifted the paradigm, absolving the perfect crime and it's HANDS UP, ON YOUR BACK! The smoking gun, fire in the streets and murder in the sun, HANDS UP, ON YOUR BACK! No getaway, minds are racing, hearts are crumbling away....Where are we going, what's the point of no return? The game we're throwing is the loss we gotta earn, it's time to see what's written right up in our face, if we don't fall in line with falling into place.....You wanted to be someone, you're finding there's nowhere left to run....A knife for every heart, a vote for every sucker, you grab 'em by the balls and you kill the motherfucker!
Track Name: The Coffin or the Jail
Shoring up the tides are turning, growing up in disarray, shots fired without a warning, speeding down a superhighway...All senses fail when every soul's for sale, advertising fairytales, Illusionistic freedom of your choices. Haywire, the coffin, or the Jail...To the death we're crucifying in a war of one degree, take a breath they're purifying while the air's still good and free now....My god, gimme some answers, my God, give me some truth, my God, gimme some reason, take away this fucked up feeling.
Track Name: Battle Cry for a Declaration
Click-bait it's the state of the nation, sucking up what they're putting down, uninformed misinformation, maybe we could all spread it around!...Radio and television, dumbing down the All-American and we're growing our division...Battle cry for a declaration, it aint what you said it'd be, gimme God damn liberation, cut the cord and set me free....Radio and Television, dumbing down the All-American. Radio and television, where's the meaning in this transmission?
Track Name: No Order to Restore
There's no way out! Woke up, wasted in 1984, been misplaced but we won't be anymore, our lord and savior, our undertaker, a new dictator at the door...Everybody gather round (see what's really going down), on the air, on the streets, (read it in a magazine), extra, extra, tell me all about it, we can reroute but we'll never get around it. (Give me the straight dope!) They're all so full of shit, (Cancers and conmen!) They get you over with. Live nation, condemnation, an obligation to occupation, an orchestration of misinterpretation....No ceasefire in a never-ending war, no allegiance, this isn't what we swore. Our lord and savior, our undertaker, there aint no order to restore....(Fires and earthquakes!), Ruptures and hurricanes, (We play the high stakes!), the beauty that remains. Location calculation, an obligation to decimation, civilization writing Revalations....Leave all your values at the door, there'll be no order to restore.
Track Name: Disaffection of Disconnection
Traitors and fools bending the rules, we serve, they run the jewels. Business is great for fear and hate, let's take a stand before it's too late.....We can't be silent now, our disaffection of disconnection, their insurrection I firmly disavow. There aint no starting over, it's here and it's now, their great deception we won't allow.....Nobody's free in poverty, no hope, no remedy, Law of the land, money in hand, hung by the rope if we don't make a stand....
Track Name: Life on Video
Write the book of history, tell another dead-end story, from the rust belt to the L.A. breeze. Nightmare, this fucking nightmare, didn't see it coming till we got here, like a child that's been abandoned. we're getting nowhere fast....Watching life on video, radiated days...Tragic unholy magic, falling for the tricks of striking panic, in a world that we're abandoned, we're going nowhere fast....We don't need another wall! If we let them all divide us, then we'll have nothing left to guide us now....Watching life on video, what a terrible show. No money, no motivation, and we're ready to blow.....Life is so unfair, across bridged to nowhere, down highways of despair, couldn't make it anywhere. I know we'll never make it out alive, but all I'm saying is that I'm not quite ready to die, I'm not quite ready, we're not quite ready to suffer in surrender.....
Track Name: Reason to Believe (Stand Up and Fight)
The party's all but over, head's in hyperbole, the whole ship is going under, somebody rescue me....Drain the blood, count the sheep, testify, kill the love, fast asleep, bred to die...Everyone needs an enemy, I need a reason to believe......I don't wanna go down the line, I don't wanna go back in time with you. Here's hoping you're through. I don't wanna go down the line, I don't wanna be stuck in time with you....One day into another, count down catastrophe, but I'm running taking cover, 'cause this world is killing me....I don't wanna fall down the line, I don't wanna go back in time, I don't wanna be dumbing down, and I don't wanna be fucked around! We aint gonna be pushed around, and we aint gonna be fucked around, we aint gonna be dead and down, and we aint gonna be pushed around, fucked around....Stand up! Stand for something. Rise up! Stop at nothing. Stand up! Stand for something. Rise up! Stand up and fight!